S.I.C. Objectives:

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

Muslims can practice and propagate the teachings of our Prophet and his Ahlulbayt to the upcoming generation.

To serve as a focal point for the Muslim communities and provide to the adults and children a sense of belonging.

To establish a fully credited, full-time school (Kindergarten Through 12 grade) for educating our children.

To build a place of worship (Masjid).

To build a conference hall for upcoming occasions and individual event such as wedding and funeral.

To build sports complex for children and adults (e.g., Swimming Pool, Game room, and soccer field).

To establish a library for public use.

To organize a group of volunteers to help individuals and families with problem in their daily lives.

To conduct classes such as Farsi, English, Arabic, Computer, Islamic study and etc. for all ages.

To hold discussions on important social and religious issues relating to our youth in today's society.

To promote extra curricular activities, such as debates, social and sports events.

To establish on-site arrangements for tajhiz-o-Takfin.

To hold religious gatherings and commemorate important Islamic Events throughout the year.

To promote brotherhood and unity among all Muslim communities in the southeast of U.S.A. through continued Islamic education.

To introduce and promote Islamic principles and values among our non-Muslim brothers and sisters for greater awareness and to create an atmosphere of love and friendship among people of all faiths.

To arrange for a full-time Islamic scholar (Aalim) to teach children and adults Quran, Islamic laws, history and traditions in a classroom environment.

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